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There are many ways to drive performance in an organisation. We help you to realise and implement your cultural strategy making it the most powerful tool you have.

If you strive to celebrate authenticity, individualism and an inclusive culture then work with us.

Keep reading to find out about our three core areas of expertise


Driving employee engagement


Establish the value of culture

Why is organisational culture the most important strategy you can employ? Looking at successful case studies, understanding the psychology of people and a deep dive in to team dynamics we discuss and discover how an inclusive and diverse culture drives engagement and performance. Working with you and your leadership team we'll start to develop the culture you want enabling you to move forward.

Discover and challenge the status quo

A deep dive audit on current ideas, behaviours and processes that contribute to your current organisational culture. Experiential observation techniques, bespoke surveying tools and a look at your data story reveal your employees understanding and engagement with your company values. What are the opportunities as well as the barriers?

Producing your cultural blueprint

Working alongside you and with reference to what we now know, we'll produce your cultural blueprint and put together a plan that ensures employee engagement. What is the mission and what are the values, behaviours and consequences that we expect our people to practice?
Develop desired outcomes and come up with a plan - practical and realistic

Amplify, Action and Achieve

Internal advocacy and support are the key to full employee engagement at all levels. We'll develop a programme of action and behaviours that help individuals to embody the environment you're building. From on-boarding and communication to establishing consistent performance management frameworks, how can we encourage and reward the right behaviours?


Creating a better workplace


The Value of Diversity and why we can't be afraid to talk about it

A workshop to discover and discuss the value of diversity in your business. At a time when talent is our greatest asset, we explore untapped talent pools and the value that different groups can bring. Perhaps most importantly, we work through the social barriers that sometimes make it difficult to talk about equality, inclusion and diversity and allow us to move forward positively.

Inclusion and Diversity Healthcheck

An independent and impartial assessment to aid you in your inclusion and diversity policies. Gathering new and existing data, survey information and personal stories from all levels within your organisation, you'll get a true and current picture of the facts and how people feel. We'll use this healthcheck to discuss opportunities, plan next steps and implement any necessary change.

Tackling conscious and unconscious bias

“The bad news from science is that even well-intentioned individuals have biases that can impact their perceptions and behaviour—producing discriminatory behaviour. The good news from the science is that individuals, once educated on the science of implicit bias, can impact those biases.” DR. LORIE A. FRIDELL, 2017
A practical workshop designed to reduce the impact of our biases and to encourage individuals to spot discriminating behaviour

Inclusion and Diversity Policy Builder

How can we make sure that our work towards inclusion and equality is not just a tick box exercise? A review of all the data with a view to building out progressive, yet practical, policies and values that enable your company to move forward


Delivering results


Left brain training - Frameworks and Theories

Upskill your teams to become professional and technical salespeople. Tailored to levels, the right framework ensures a consistent approach for today's sales professionals whether generating new business, maximising priority accounts or dealing with problem and issues.

Right brain training - Sales Behaviours

Tenacity, self-belief, resilience, charm, being a team player.. all behaviours we ask of our sales teams. With self-empowerment being at the centre of our beliefs, we train and coach individuals to be their best and contribute to a successful team culture.

Successful Management

A training and coaching programme for new and existing managers requiring high performance and innovation from their teams. The two day course focuses on both individual and collective communication and how the use of the right performance metrics at the right time can be the key to unlocking further success. The programme also introduces the concept of building winning team cultures providing your managers with a toolkit that helps them to build an inclusive and engaged team.

Presentation Training - How to be yourself while you're at it

A two-part interactive and enlightening workshop that focuses on the practical and technical side of presenting as well as the importance of how to engage with your audience by being yourself. Your teams will have the ability to structure their stories using engaging and appropriate techniques and will have the confidence to own their individual presentation style.