Our Mission

Our mission is to make media a fairer, happier and more productive workplace. 

We want more people to say, “I love my job”. When people love their job, they’re at their best. More positive. More productive. More innovative. We connect the dots between employee engagement and business performance.

Our Philosophies

At Project 23 we combine practical experience, proven theory and innovative methods to actuate change.  We create a bespoke programme for your business needs and deliver results based on your goals.  Everything we do from the solutions we offer through to how we run our business is underpinned by the following philosophies:

Always strive for continual improvement. When a goal is achieved, take time to celebrate that achievement and then raise the bar and go again.

The values of self-empowerment and individualism are key. Everyone is unique and should be treated as such. There are many paths to success and staying authentic along the way will only aid the journey.

Beyond the clear business performance case; equality and inclusion within the workplace is simply the right thing to do. Great organisations can set the tone for wider society and show what can be achieved through inclusive practices.

Use data to tell the story and find the truth. Data is everywhere you look and selecting the right data points to analyse and interpret is vital.

Build trust. Trust is imperative and forms the basis of all relationships and interactions. Hand in hand with building trust is fair and transparent measurement.


Our Values

Our work with other organisations and the individuals within them is driven by our belief that everyone should aim to love their job. We spend so much time at work and with colleagues, that if you are not happy in your workplace, you cannot be your best self.  

At the heart of our own Project 23 culture are the values that we instill in and expect from each other, helping us to achieve our mission. When working with other organisations these are the values that you can expect from us which direct us to deliver your own company goals and objectives.

Execution and Delivery

  • Lead with the task and the right solution, not from our emotions or from the loudest voice in the room. If in doubt, do the right thing
  • Make informed judgement calls and seek the whole, accurate picture
  • Involve others when additional skills and opinions will help you achieve the best results
  • Be consistently strong in your performance so that others can rely on you


  • Always strive to be the best and take pride in everything you do
  • Care fiercely about delivering the best results for our clients and their employees
  • Be positive and believe that a positive outcome can always be achieved


  • Communicate directly and openly. Be transparent in your working
  • Listen with real intent
  • Show respect for others’ including their work and opinions. Challenge directly whilst still caring personally
  • Adapt our communication styles to work positively with all people in all situations


  • Understand that change is constant, enjoy it and always be aware of changes in your area of expertise
  • Create new ideas and concepts that drive us towards our mission
  • Be comfortable challenging the status quo 


  • Remember that as a team we are more than the sum of our parts; make time to inspire, support and challenge your team mates
  • Give everyone the confidence to be whoever they want to be
  • Be brave and courageous, speak up, contribute, add your value
  • When working with clients, understand that we are their guests and their partners but treat them as part of our team


  • We collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures and embrace differing perspectives to make better decisions
  • We know that everyone has biases and work to make the best decisions regardless
  • We call out and intervene when we see inequality