It's all about being your authentic self!

The results are in…  over the past 6 months more than 50 people have undertaken the PROJECT 23 Effective Communication and Presentation training.

Before the training, participants were asked to rate their understanding across three development points (1 being the lowest level of understanding and 10 the highest).

Personal communication style and the specific merits to this style

Pre training average rating: 3.7

Post training average rating: 8.5

Practical structure and techniques of running presentations

Pre training average rating: 4.0

Post training average rating: 8.6

Ways to handle nerves and be more confident

Pre training average rating: 5.9

Post training average rating: 9.2

We love running this training as it emphasises the value of being your authentic self and not predetermined, homogenous ideas of what makes a great communicator.  

Gary Rayneau