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About Project 23

Project 23 is born out of 30 years combined experience in building innovative, happy and award-winning teams.

Understanding how different individuals are motivated and how teams develop a sense of belonging is coupled with academic theory and application to offer a relevant and fresh approach.

As a boutique consultancy we pride ourselves in our commitment to our clients and our ability to make a real difference. This makes your success our number one priority.


Elaine Dela Cruz


I’ve always been led by a personal ambition to succeed, it was the way my mum, in particular, raised me to be. I’ve also always had a genuine interest and curiosity in people; working alongside other characters, being part of successful teams and a desire to learn from those around me.

I’ve built successful commercial departments on the belief that an individual’s happiness should not be diluted in favour of what’s ‘best for business’. In fact, we should be striving for them to be one and the same.

Over 12 years experience working in media; leadership roles, management and motivation, and building teams that can evolve to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. I’m extremely passionate about changing the business world to be more inclusive and move towards true equality. I believe that if we can show business leaders how to be more inclusive and engage all staff, we all win.


Gary Rayneau


I've spent 15 years creating and leading commercial teams within the media industry.  Much of my personal success has been built on my character traits of consideration, drive and ultimately, confidence.  I've always worked purposefully to create a culture of self-empowerment where all individuals have the confidence to be successful in a way that is authentic to them.  

I'm passionate about the power culture has to affect business performance and increase staff happiness.  Culture by definition only works if it's genuinely inclusive but in today’s workplace that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Pace of change, unconscious biases and ‘the way we used to do things’ are issues that we all face that can hinder as well as help. 

However, I believe that with right the intent and a data-led strategy guiding the way, a high performing inclusive culture will soon be the expected norm for all.